Ravage ( rav-ij )

verb: (used without object), rav·aged, rav·ag·ing.
1) to work havoc; do ruinous damage.

Anyone who modifies cars knows that things rarely go according to plan, tasks end up being done more than once, and often times the car is worse off than it was in the beginning. That's what Ravager Racing is all about. Despite the havoc and ruinous damage, trial and error eventually leads to something you can be proud of (sometimes).

Ravager Racing provides modification reviews, install tips, reference documents, rants, and time consuming experiements that never worked out on my daily driven, regularly autocrossed 2015 FR-S.

You'll also find random other automotive tidbits that I decide to do - I make the rules here, so I can do what I want.

Welcome to Ravager Racing!