Cusco Sports Accelerator Pedal Review | FRS/BRZ

The pedal placement in the FRS/BRZ is by no means bad, but I’ve always felt that the heel-toe action would be much easier if the accelerator was a little bit closer to the brake. My shoe size + the distance between the the two pedals + the shape of the footwell have made things difficult at times- with my heel hitting the transmission tunnel from reaching just a bit too far, or missing the gas pedal completely on the inside if the ball of my foot is on the brake pedal a little too much.

To remedy this, I decided to pick up the Cusco Sports accelerator pedal for the FRS/BRZ. This pedal covers the factory pedal and extends it over about .25-.5 inches, making it a piece of cake to nail the heel-toe downshifts every time.

These are my findings…

Quality |

The quality of the Cusco pedal is excellent. The finish was shiny, the fitment was perfect, and I have no doubt that it will hold up to years of use.

Install |

Piece of cake. The accelerator pedal assembly can be removed from the FRS/BRZ by removing just two bolts, so the time spent laying under the dash is minimal. The whole pedal install can be done outside of the car, and all parts fit perfectly together.

Driving Experience |

Downshifting is wonderful with this pedal. It doesn’t bring the pedal so close to the brake that you have to worry about wide shoes causing problems, but there is never an issue making solid contact with the accelerator during blips while maintaining good footing on the brake. My FRS is still pretty stock with the exception of a few bolt-ons, wheels, and tires, but this pedal was probably the best modification in terms of overall enjoyment that I have done so far.


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