BLOX Racing Shift Knob + Beatrush Reverse Lockout | FRS/BRZ/86

I wanted to add a nice accent to the interior of my FRS, but I just couldn’t stomach the $150+ price tag found on many of the shift knobs available for the FRS/BRZ/86. The BLOX Racing FRS/BRZ Style shift knob and Beatrush reverse lockout were perfect solution for dressing up the shifter without breaking the bank.

BLOX Racing FRS/BRZ Style Shift Knob

BLOX Racing Shift Knob - FRS/BRZ

The BLOX Racing FR-S / BRZ style shift knob is CNC-machined from billet AL6061-T6. Each shift knob is weighted to 189 grams and undergoes Mil-spec Type II anodizing process. The FR-S style shift knob is designed to accept any vehicle with a 12×1.25 reverse lock-out lever.

She shift knob is high quality and the surface finish is very nice. The diameter of the shift knob is bigger than stock, so it gives the shifter a more solid, chunky feel (in a good way). My only gripes with this knob are that the top of the shift knob looks a little bland since there is no logo or shift pattern engraving. I will be adding an MPmoto logo to the top to spice it up a little bit shortly. My only other complaint is that the shift knob comes with a plastic adapter that threads into the shift knob and then onto the shift lever. It does the job, but I’m terrified to really tighten the shift knob for fear of ruining the plastic threads.

All in all it’s a solid deal for only $40.

Beatrush Reverse Lockout

Beatrush reverse lockout - FRS/BRZ/86

I actually picked up the Beatrush Reverse lockout for free for allowing an ft86club forum member to change his oil in my garage while he was in Chicago on business. I was slightly worried I’d be murdered, but I’m still here, and I got a reverse lockout out of the deal…

The stock reverse lockout is plastic and cheap feeling, so the Beatrush part is a nice way to class the place up. Quality is very good, and it does indeed lockout reverse, so very pleased. Mine is also a bronze/gold which is slightly less easy to find, so it looks unique.


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