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I’ve really liked the sound that the Berk Technology dual exit muffler delete produced on my car for the last two years, but in recent months I’ve gotten pretty tired of the endless interior drone. It’s constant, booming, and headache inducing, so I decided to make a change. I wanted to stay around the same volume from outside of the car, but I wanted to reduce the drone.

I opted to pick up the Greddy Revolution RS exhaust system because it had everything I was looking for – comparable exterior noise level to the Berk axle-back, high quality, light weight due to the single exit design, deep and aggressive tone, and most of all, a muffler.

Greddy Revolution RS Specs |

  • Chassis | ZN6
  • Engine | 4U-GSE (FA20)
  • Type | Cat-back system (large diameter single muffler system)
  • Number of pieces | 2pcs
  • Piping | 76 mm (3.0″)
  • Tip | 115mm (4.5″)
  • Gasket(s) | 3.0″ oval (qty: 1 included) replacement
  • Resonator | yes
  • Weight | 21.5 lbs (Stock weight 39 lbs)
  • Sound level | 107* dB(a)
  • HP | +TBA hp
  • TRQ | +TBA ft-lbs
  • TRQ | +TBA  ft-lbs

First Impression |

Everything about this exhaust is super high quality, the finish, the welds, the laser engraved “Greddy” logo on the exhaust tip, there are even Greddy logos on the flange (which no one will ever see or notice, but still a nice touch). For a list price of $567, the quality is exceptional.

The Install |

Piece of cake. Especially since this is a single exhaust, getting everything bolted up and aligned is quick and easy. One thing to note for anyone still using the stock front pipe, you cannot use the bolts supplied with the Greddy system. The factory spring tension bolts the connect the mid-pipe to the stock front pipe must be reused since the factory front-pipe uses a smaller diameter bolt than what’s supplied by Greddy. Otherwise, a trained ape or Kanye West could figure it out and piece this exhaust together.

MPmoto FR-S Greddy Revolution RS Exhaust

The Sound |

Love it. It’s definitely not a quiet exhaust- Greddy’s website says it’s 107db, but since I was completely happy with the exterior volume of my Berk muffler delete, the sound level of the Revolution RS system is perfect. The tone is deep and aggressive with no rasp whatsoever- even at cold start up.

I was pleasantly surprised at the interior sound level and drone. I would guess that about 70% of the drone that I experienced with the muffler delete is now gone. You can definitely still hear the exhaust, and you would never confuse it for stock, but conversations with passengers are no problem at all, and headaches and hangovers will no longer be made more agonizing by driving the car (pro tip: never drive an FR-S with a muffler delete when hung over).

Notes |

Just one- and it’s not a huge deal, but I would caution anyone that is lowered to be careful with this exhaust. Since it’s a 3″ exhaust that goes under the rear suspension, there’s not a whole lot of ground clearance. I’m lowered about 2.5″ on my MeisterR ZetaCRD+ coilovers and I’ve got just a couple inches of clearance.

FR-S ground clearance Greddy Revolution RS exhaust

Greddy Revolution RS Review |


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