Fujitsubo Bumper Exhaust Hole Cover | FR-S / BRZ / 86

My viewpoint on installing a single exit exhaust system on a vehicle that came from the factory with dual exits is probably the minority view. I’m all for it. In fact, I went the single exhaust route on both, my 350Z and now my FR-S because of the simplicity, weight savings, and cost. The downside to going single is that you have a gaping hole on one side of the bumper where an exhaust pipe used to be. Most of the options to block off the empty hole on the FR-S/BRZ/86, in my humble and usually irrelevant opinion, are ugly. They do the job, but make it blatantly obvious that something else was supposed to go there. They kind of remind me of putting a tarp over a broken window- everyone knows that’s not how it’s supposed to be.

There is one option out there that I think does a much better job of blending in, and that’s the Fujitsubo cover. Where other covers are just pieces of plastic or carbon fiber, the Fujitsubo uses mesh and a black rubber outer ring. Since it’s not just a solid plastic plate, it almost looks like it’s supposed to be there- like maybe the shape that it fills is there to maintain bumper symmetry or maybe it’s a design feature to improve aesthetics, rather than just a way of hiding that you’re missing an exhaust pipe. Unlike the carbon fiber covers, it’s also very subtle and doesn’t draw attention to itself.

Specifications |

  • Fits 2013+ Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ, Toyota GT86
  • Black Mesh Construction
  • Black rubber trim where the cover meets the bumper

Review |

Rather than droning on about all of my thoughts and feelings, here are the highlights –

  • Quality is very good. It’s not flimsy and appears to have some thought and effort behind it
  • Install is super easy. The instructions are entirely in Japanese, but if you can’t tell how it’s supposed to be installed just by looking at it, you may want to pay someone else to do it for you anyway. Installation requires drilling three holes, and there’s a paper template that you can tape to the underside of the bumper to help guide you. Start to finish it takes about 10 minutes tops
  • Fitment is pretty good. I was very careful to drill exactly where the template told me too, but there was still a bit of force needed get it all lined up.
  • Biggest annoyance and drawback was that no one in the US seems to stock them, so after placing the order with FT86speedfactory, I waited exactly one month for the part to come in from Japan.

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